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The Nocturntable - June 2015 Playlists

June 2015 Playlists for the Radio Program know as  The Nocturntable ________________________________________ Airing Saturdays 8-10pm Mountain Time on CJSW 90.9FMand on Telus TV 7065 a Campus/Community run station in  Calgary, Alberta, Canada ________________________________________
Got Requests? Twart: @Nocturntable or Call: +1 (403) 220-3991 ________________________________________

The Nocturntable's Playlist for June 6th, 2015 *JUNE is Sled Island Month!!! Programs throughout the month reflect many of the artists featured at Calgary's annual Sled Island Music Festival ~ Thanks to the organizers for the most successful year to date!
Raj Rangayyan & Utpal Mazundar** - Enlightenment - Mystical Melodies (Self-Released)

Los Crema Paraiso - Intro - De Pelicula! ( Cutupra Productions )

Los Crema Paraiso - Un Disip en Nueva Yol - De Pelicula! ( Cutupra Productions )

Beatdown* - South Central Represent - Meets Hugo Mudie ( Stomp )

Nneka - Believe System - My Fairy Tales