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The Nocturntable -- September 2012 Playlists

September 2012 Playlists for The Nocturntable*Headin' Back to Class * Live Rebel Radio -- Saturday Nights 8-10pm MT CJSW 90.9 (live stream)

Playlist for The Nocturntable – September 29, 2012 a la Scrum Diddly Umptious
Lamp Of The Universe - Freedom In Your Mind snagged from the album “The Cosmic Union” Mono - Legend snagged from the album “For My Parents” Ancestors - On The Wind snagged from the album “In Dreams And Time” ~~~ Lustre Cream - Where Do I Go From Here snagged from their Self Titled album Black Wizard - Drugs snagged from their Self Titled album Barn Burner - The Long Arm Of The Law snagged from the album “Bangers” The Sword - Lament For The Aurochs snagged from the album “Age Of Winters” Witch - Seer snagged from their Self Titled album Acid King - Electric Machine snagged from the album “Busse Woods” ~~~ Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats - Death’s Door snagged from the album “Blood Lust” Electric Wizard - I, The Witchfinder snagged from the album “Dopethrone” Bison B.C. - Die O…