The Nocturntable -- September 2012 Playlists

September 2012 Playlists for The Nocturntable

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Playlist for The Nocturntable – September 29, 2012
a la Scrum Diddly Umptious


Lamp Of The Universe - Freedom In Your Mind
snagged from the album “The Cosmic Union”
Mono - Legend
snagged from the album “For My Parents”
Ancestors - On The Wind
snagged from the album “In Dreams And Time”
Lustre Cream - Where Do I Go From Here
snagged from their Self Titled album
Black Wizard - Drugs
snagged from their Self Titled album
Barn Burner - The Long Arm Of The Law
snagged from the album “Bangers”
The Sword - Lament For The Aurochs
snagged from the album “Age Of Winters”
Witch - Seer
snagged from their Self Titled album
Acid King - Electric Machine
snagged from the album “Busse Woods”
Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats - Death’s Door
snagged from the album “Blood Lust”
Electric Wizard - I, The Witchfinder
snagged from the album “Dopethrone”
Bison B.C. - Die Of Devotion
snagged from the album “Dark Ages”
Indignance - Straight Forward
snagged from the album “Innovation”
The 21st Impact – Parental Deceit
snagged from the album “Second To None”
Raised Fist - Moment Of Truth
snagged from the album “Fuel”
Raised Fist - Tribute
snagged from the album “Fuel”
Rehashed - If It’s Not Broken, Break It
snagged from the album “Code Black”
D.F.A. – That’s Gonna Leave A Mark
snagged from the album “Defy False Authority”
Poser Disposer - Waiting To Inhale
snagged from the album “Waiting To Inhale”

~End Transmission~ 

Tony Allen  -  Jakelewah  -  Home Cooking   (Narada )
Konkoma  -  Lie Lie  -  Konkoma   (Soundway )
Antibalas  -  Ibeji  -  Antibalas   (Daptone )
Selecta w/ My Baby  -  Fenenama  -  Sembeh Ma Fa Fe: Revisits Volume   (Stronghold )
Cypress X Rusko w/ Damian Marley  -  Can't Keep Me Down  -  EP01   (v2/Cooperative )
Mr. Vegas  -  Gimme A Light  -  Sweet Jamaica   (MV )
Toussaint Morrison  -  Can't Relive the Party  -  Is Not My Boyfriend   (Urban Home Companion )
Yankee Yankee  -  Memory Fades  -  PIXXX3   (Unit Structure )
The Alchemist  -  Learned by Listening  -  Russian Roulette   (Decon )
The Alchemist - Training Montage + Getting Stronger -Russian Roulette   (Decon)
Kid Koala   -  Emperor's Main Course  -  Xen Cuts    (Ninja Tune )
PIL  -  Death Disco  -  Wild Dub   (Select Cuts )
The Two Koreas  -  Karl Johans Gate  -  Science Island   (Randy Vicar )
Careful  -  Tiny Treasures  -  Because I Am Always Talking   (Self-Released )
The Fabulous Kildonaians w/ Mitch Funk  -  Bus Rider  - Guess Who's Home   (Transistor 66 )
Dash Rip Rock - (Let's Go) Smoke Some Pot - Sings Get You Some of Me    (Sector 2 )
Copyright  -  Transfiguration  -  Tune in, Turn on, Bug out!   (CJSW )
Black Mastiff  -  Rolling Stoned  -  Pyramids   (Self-Released )
Black Mountain  -  Wucan  -  In the Future   (Scratch )
Fear Factory  -  Cars  -  Hard   (Attic )
Removal  -  Track 3  -  There Can Be Only None   (Remove All Music )
Nu Sensae*  -  Burnt Masks  -  Sundowning   (Suicide Squeeze )
Baroness  -  The Line Between  -  Yellow & Green   (Relapse )
Therapy?  -  Neck Freak  -  Nurse   (A & M )
Redd Kross  -  Uglier  -  Researching The Blues   (Merge )
Jesus Lizard  -  Fly on the Wall  -  Down   (Touch & Go )
Rob Zombie  -  Superfreak - Kraddy  Remix - Mondo Sex Head  (Geffen)
AfterEarth**  -  Scavenger's Daughter  -  Ruin   (Self-Released )
~End Transmission~

Playlist for The Nocturntable – September 15, 2012
a la Scrum Diddly Umptious

Primus- Welcome To This World
snagged from the album “Pork Soda”
Fugazi – Public Witness Program
snagged from the album “In On The Kill Taker”
Brand New Unit - No Heroes
snagged from the album “Looking Back Again”
Quicksand - Dine Alone
snagged from the album “Slip”
Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today
snagged from the album “Start Today”
Descendents - This Place
snagged from the album “Everything Sucks”
Propagandhi - Devil’s Creek
snagged from the album “Failed States”
SNFU – Eric’s Had A Bad Day
snagged from the album “The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed”
Lagwagon - Know It All
snagged from the album “Trashed”
Funeral Oration - World Needs Changing
snagged from their Self Titled album
Pulley - No Defense
snagged from the album “Esteem Driven Engine”
Ten Foot Pole - Broken Bubble
snagged from the album “Rev”
Satanic Surfers - Even If Time Stood Still
snagged from the album “666 Motor Inn”
No Fun At All – Wiser
snagged from the compilation album “Throw It In” – originally released on the EP “Stranded”
Millencolin - Olympic
snagged from the album “Life On A Plate”
Ignite - Aggression
snagged from the album “Call On My Brothers”
Pennywise - Homesick
snagged from the album “Unknown Road”
Blind Assassins - Six Feet Under
snagged from the Calgary Beer Core Vol. 1 compilation album
Conniving Cadavers - Land Of The Dead
snagged from the Calgary Beer Core Vol. 1 compilation album
The Misfits – Violent World
snagged from the album “Walk Among Us”
Scorched Banditos - Evol Touch
snagged from the EP “Unholy Matrimony”
Beyond Possession - You’re So Important
snagged from the compilation album “Repossessed 1985-1989″ – originally released on their Self Titled album
Beyond Possession - Final Daze
snagged from the compilation album “Repossessed 1985-1989″ - originally released on their Self Titled album
Minor Threat – Filler
snagged from the compilation album “Complete Discography” – originally released on their Self Titled EP
Minor Threat - I Don’t Wanna Hear It
snagged from the compilation album “Complete Discography” - originally released on their Self Titled EP
Dead Boys - Ain’t Nothin’ To Do
snagged from the album “Young Loud And Snotty”
Angry Samoans - Right Side Of My Mind
snagged from the compilation album “The Unboxed Set” – originally released on the album “Inside My Brain”
Agression - Intense Energy
snagged from the album “Don’t Be Mistaken”
Dr. Know - (Watch It) Burn
snagged from the album “Life Returns”
Poison Idea - Lifestyles
snagged from the compilation album “The Best Of Poison Idea” – originally released on the album “Kings Of Punk”
Crystal Mess – House Of Hell
snagged from the album “Worms Of The Earth”
Epi-Demic - Mob Mentality
snagged from the album “Madness”
Ghidrah - Ike Like Trike
snagged from the album “Invincible Deluxe”
The Locust – This Is Radio Surgery
snagged from the album “Molecular Genetics From The Gold Standard Labs”
The Locust - Spitting In The Faces Of Fools As A Source Of Nutrition
snagged from the album “Molecular Genetics From The Gold Standard Labs”
Pig Destroyer - Girl In The Slayer Jacket
snagged from the album “Phantom Limb”

~End Transmission~

Playlist for The Nocturntable – September 8, 2012
a la Scrum Diddly Umptious

Monkey3- Black Maiden
snagged from the album “Beyond The Black Sky”
Gas Giant - Green Valley
snagged from the album “Mana”
The Beginning - The Ju Ju Man
snagged from the album “This Is…”
Greenleaf - Jack Staff
snagged from the album “Nest Of Vipers”
Aerocar Model Four – Dive
snagged from the album “Breaking Point”
From Beyond - Twanger
snagged from their Self Titled EP
Santeria - Moonrake Mountain
snagged from their Self Titled album
A Perfect Circle - Magdalena
snagged from the album “Mer de Noms”
Tool - Eon Blue Apocalypse / The Patient
snagged from the album “Lateralus”
Deftones - One Weak
snagged from the album “Adrenaline”
The Unravelling - Where Will It End?
snagged from the album “13 Arcane Hymns”
Inner Surge - A Good Laugh With Death
snagged from the album “Solus Verum”
Caveat - M.O.B.
snagged from the album “Red”
We Found The Body - Corruptors Of The Light
snagged from their Self Titled album
Bloated Pig – Overwinter
snagged from the album “Made For Hell”
LavaGoat - Old Man And The Sea
snagged from their Self Titled album
Black Cobra - Machine
snagged from the album “Chronomega”
SardoniS - It Walks The Mountain
snagged from their Self Titled album

~End Transmission~

Playlist for The Nocturntable September 1st, 2012
With your Hostess D-Jedi Christine

Jimmy Cliff  -   Guns of Brixton   -   Rebirth  (Sunpower  )
Dada Centauri**  -   track 1 Dada Centauri   -   I  (Dial Square Tape  )
Antibalas  -   Dirty Money   -   Antibalas  (Daptone  )
Curtis Mayfield  -   Little Child Runnin' Wild   -   Superfly OST  (Rhino  )
Stuff  -   Boogie on Reggae Woman   -   Live At Montreux 1976  (Eagle Rock  )
Walter Murphy  -   Dancin'   -   Cinemaphonic Electro-soul  (Emperor Norton  )
The Funk Ark w/ Asheru & Sitali  -   Funky DC   -   From the Rooftops  (ESL Music  )
Vampire's Sound Inc.   -   The Lions & The Cucumber   -   Vampyros Lesbos OST  (Motel Records  )
The Inner Thumb  -   Citroens 'N' Sitars   -   Citroens 'N' Sitars  (Emperor Norton  )
Beast  -   Devil   -   Beast  (Pheromone  )
Irma Thomas w/ Galactic  -   Heart of Steel   -   Ya-Ka-May  (Anti-  )
Young MC  -   Bust a Move   -   My Name is Earl OST  (  )
Butthole Surfers  -   Tongue    -   Independent Worm Saloon  (Capitol  )
CAVE  -   Adam Roberts   -   Neverendless  (Hungry Mother  )
Baroness  -   Board Up the House   -   Yellow & Green  (Relapse  )
Dead Meadow  -   I Love You Too   -   Shivering King and Others  (Matador  )
Helmet  -   She's Lost   -   Seeing Eye Dog  (Work Song  )
Various**Cadillac Spring  -   Acrid Tone   -   PIXXX3  (Unit Structure  )
Mothra  -   Untitled iii   -   Mothra  (Self-Released  )
Mothra  -   Untitled iv   -   Mothra  (Self-Released  )
Isis  -   Not in Rivers, But in Drops   -   In the Absence of Truth...  (Ipecac  )
Protagonist/Antagonist**  -   Fenris Wolf   -   Help Me Get This Cadaver Back In The Casket  (Self-Released )
Sucking Chest Wound  -   Kicksville   -   War on Drugs  (Self-Released  )
Neurosis  -   Saturday Night Holocaust   -   Virus 100  (Alternative Tentacles  )
Pantera  -   A New Level   -   Vulgar Display of Power 20th Ann.  (Rhino  )
Haiduk**  -   Black Wind   -   Spellbook  (Self-Released  )
Clutch  -   Pulaski Skyway   -   Robot Hive/Exodus  (Universal  )
Prong  -   Ammunition   -   Carved Into Stone  (Long Branch  )
~End Transmission~



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