The Nocturntable -- August 2012 Playlists

Playlist for The Nocturntable August 25th 2012
With your Hostess D-Jedi Christine
Slurpee Cup Edition!!!

Artist / Album / Song
Emmanuel Jal  See Me Mama Babylon
Ondatropica Ondatropica Bomba Tropica
Grupo Fantasma El Existential Realizando  Spanish
Hexstatic w/ Organic Audio Master-View Salvador
Ba Cissoko Nimissa Kora Rocks
The Lijadu Sisters Sunshine Come And Dance
Orchestre Super Bourgou De Parakou The Bariba Sound Hanoubian Gabou
Los Lobos & Money Mark Red Hot + Latin Pepe & Irene
Cake B-Sides & Rarities Never, Never Gonna Give You Up
Talking Heads True Stories Love For Sale
Koko Beware Something About The Summer Feed Me
Lou Reed Lost Highway OST This Magic Moment
The Bloody Jug Band Coffin Up Blood Graverobber Blues
Burning Hell Flux Capacitor Pirates
Craic The Lens** Craic the Lens On the Rocks
San Cisco Golden Revolver Golden Revolver
The Cave Singers No Witch Black Leaf
Mike Tod** The Northern Country Take You Down
Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young w. Bruce Springsteen Blow Your Pants Off  Whip My Hair
The Causey Way With Loving and Open Arms Message From the Pulpit
Gogol Bordello Super Taranta  American Wedding
Counter Culprits** Counter Culprits Interstate 91 cancon local
Eagles of Death Metal Heart On Anything 'Cept the Truth
  Fu Manchu King of the Road King of the Road
 Early Man Early Man Death is the Answer to My Prayers
 Chron Goblin Chron Goblin Flat-footed Hypocrite
 Baroness Yellow & Green Sea Lungs
 Prong Carved Into Stone Carved into Stone
 The Donnas Turn 21 Living After Midnight
 Rob Zombie Mondo Sex Head Burn The Bloody Beetroots Mother
--End Transmission--

Playlist for The Nocturntable – August 18, 2012
a la Scrum Diddly Umptious
Black Mountain - Don’t Run Our Hearts Around
snagged from their Self Titled album
Sleepy Sun - White Dove
snagged from the album “Embrace”
Marriages - Ten Tiny Fingers
snagged from the album “Kitsune”
Marriages - Pelt
snagged from the album “Kitsune”
Red Sparowes - Like The Howling Glory Of The Darkest Winds, This Voice Was Thunderous And The Words Holy, Tangling Their Way Around Our Hearts And Clutching Our Innocent Awe
snagged from the album “Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun”
The Smalls - Uranusexplodes
snagged from the album “Waste + Tragedy”
Black Mastiff - Pyramids
snagged from the album “Pyramids”
Pride Tiger - Fill Me In
snagged from the album “The Lucky Ones”
Priestess - Talk To Her
snagged from the album “Hello Master”
Southfork - Overlord
snagged from the album “Straight Ahead”
Fireball Ministry – Daughter Of The Damned
snagged from the album “The Second Great Awakening”
Les Tabernacles - Born Ready
snagged from the album “Born Ready”
C’mon – Army Of Love
snagged from the album “Midnight Is The Answer”
The Borderguards - The Way We Were
snagged from the album “Boots, Booze & Tattoo’s”
Guttermouth – Teri Yakimoto
snagged from the album “Teri Yakimoto”
No Use For A Name - Until It’s Gone
snagged from the album “The Daily Grind”
The Bronx - Inveigh
snagged from their Self Titled  (2008) album
Refused - Pump The Brakes
snagged from the EP “Pump The Brakes”
Sons Of Otis - Cold City Blues
snagged from the album “Songs For Worship”
Botch - O Fortuna
snagged from the album ”The Unifying Themes Of Sex, Death And Religion”
Black Tusk – Falling Down
snagged from the album “Passage Through Purgatory”
Mastodon - March Of The Fire Ants
snagged from the album ”Remission”
Mastodon – Where Strides The Behemoth
snagged from the album “Remission”

~End Transmission~

Playlist for The Nocturntable 11 August 2012
The annual Afrikadey! edition
With your Hostess D~Jedi Christine Leonard-Cripps

(* = Canadian release  /  **= Local [Calgary, Alberta] release)
Jimmy Cliff  -  The Harder They Come  -  The Harder They Come OST   (Island)
Compay Segundo w/ Eliades Ochoa  -  Chan Chan   -  Duets   (GASA)
Habib Koite & Bamada  -  Cigarette Abana  -  Baro   (Contre Jour)
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba  -  Jamana Be Diya  -  i Speak Fula   (Sub Pop)
Salif Keita  -  Laban  -  M'Bemba   (Universal)
Tony Allen  -  Ole  -  Lagos Shakin'   (EMI)
The Funkees  -  Akula Owu Onyeara  -  Dancing Time   (Soundway)
Hepcat  -  Right On Time  -  Hepcat   (Hellcat)
Balkan Beat Box  -  My Baby  -  Blue Eyed Black Boy   (Nat Geo)
The Herbaliser - Something Wicked This Way Comes - Something Wicked This Way Comes (Zen)
Blue King Brown  -  Resist  -  Blue King Brown   (Indica)
Dubblestandart  -  Everything is Go  -  Are You Experienced   (Collision)
Spoek Mathambo  -  Let Them Talk  -  Father Creeper   (Sub Pop)
Five Alarm Funk  -  Payday  -  Anything Is Possible   (Self-Released)
Jimi Hendrix  -  Lullaby For The Summer  -  Valleys of Neptune   (Sony Legacy)
The Hummers  -  A Song For Our Pets  -  Save the Jets   (Sisyphus )
Richard Cheese  -  Insane in the Brain  -  Tuxicity   ()
Jaymze Bee & Deep Lounge Coalition  -  Get Ur Freak On  -  Sub Urban   (Oglio)
Foxboro Hot Tubs  -  Stop Drop and Roll  -  Stop Drop and Roll   (Jingletown)
Hot Panda*  -  One in the Head, One in the Chest  -  Go Outside   (Mint)
Cripple Creek Fairies  -  Fistula City  -  Curl Up & Die   (Transistor 66)
Misfits  -  Latest Flame  -  Project 1950   (Ryko)
The Moving Instant**  -  Facelift  -  The Moving Instant   (Self-Released)
Local H  -  That's What They All Say  -  Whatever Happened to PJ Soles   (Studio)
High on Fire  -  Baghdad  -  The Art of Self Defense   (Tee Pee)
Baroness  -  Yellow Theme  -  Yellow & Green   (Relapse)
Baroness  -  Take My Bones Away  -  Yellow & Green   (Relapse)
Maglor**  -  Under the Night Sky  -  Call Of The Forest   (Sounds Of The Land)
~End Transmission~
(Godspeed you, Baroness.  <3 The Nocturntable)

Playlist for The Nocturntable – August 4, 2012
a la Scrum Diddly Umptious
Wintersleep - In Came The Flood
snagged from the album “Hello Hum”
Pink Mountaintops - While We Were Dreaming
snagged from the album “Outside Love”
Earth - The Dire And Ever Circling Wolves
snagged from the album “Hex: Or Printing In The Infernal Method”
Colour Haze - Love
snagged from their Self Titled album
Causa Sui - Eugenie
snagged from the album “Summer Sessions Volume 3″
Causa Sui - Red Valley
snagged from the album “Summer Sessions Volume 3″
Causa Sui - Lonesome Traveler
snagged from the album “Summer Sessions Volume 3″
Causa Sui - Santa Sangre
snagged from the album “Summer Sessions Volume 3″
Causa Sui - Venice By The Sea
snagged from the album “Summer Sessions Volume 3″
Holly For Kings - Realize
snagged from the album “Megaurge”
Hypnopilot - August
snagged from their Self Titled album
Black Betty - Astral Messiah
snagged from their Self Titled album
Hezzakya - Spirit Gun
snagged from the album “Drug Metal”
Crown The Wolf - Primer Ride
snagged from the album “Primer Ride”
Nosis – Wash Me
snagged from the album “Sup… Come Over”
Drool - Lumber
snagged from their Self Titled album
Broken Nose – Love It Or Leave It (Alone)
snagged from the album “Horny Ride”
Sip Yek Nom - In Grown Toenail
snagged from their Self Titled album
LARD - The Power Of LARD
snagged from the EP ”Power Of LARD”

~End Transmission~


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