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CJSW's Funding Drive 2016 is now LIVE!

It's that magical time of year when CJSW holds their annual Funding DriveOctober 21st-28th 2016!!! Please pledge your support to Calgary's Campus & Community Radio Station Join The Nocturntable's DJedi Christine
in celebrating 20 years on the airwaves
& CJSW in celebrating 30 years on FM! This year's theme is: Forever Radio ~ Radio Forever! And we've got loads of amazing Illuminatiesque swag to share with you our loyal listeners! So head on over to: to view what we've got on tap 
and join our Secret Radio Society today!  *And don't forget to tell 'em your fav radio program,
The Nocturntable, sent ya!
You can also CALL in 24/7 during our drive at:  +1 (403) 220-5000   Let our operators guide you  through the donation process! Did someone say “CJSW Secret Society pins made by the Freemason’s own craftsman?” Yes, please! HOW DO YOU RAISE $250,000 IN JUST ONE WEEK IN THIS ECONOMY?The same way we do it every year ---
one $30 pledge at a time…