The Nocturntable -- July 2013 Playlists

Nocturntable ~ Playlists for July 2013

The Nocturntable’s PlayList for 06 July 2013

“Hell or High Water”

Stampede 101 Showdown Part 1

With your Hostess D~Jedi Christine


The Nightwatchman  -  The Dark Clouds Above  -  One Man Revolution   (Epic)

The Summerlad  -  I Am the Wind  -  BYOP Calgary Does Connors   (Saved by Radio)

Soggy Bottom Boys  -  I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow  -  O Brother, Where Art Thou?   (Universal)

Dan Auerbach  -  Trouble Weighs a Ton  -  Keep it Hid   (Nonesuch)

Harry McClintock  -  Big Rock Candy Mountain  -  O Brother, Where Art Thou?   (Universal)

Talking Heads  -  People Like Us  -  True Stories   (Sire)

Cowboy Junkies  -  Sweet Jane  -  Natural Born Killers   (Warner)

The Scott Nolan Band  -  Guns Guns Guns  -  Guess Who’s Home: A Tribute   (Transistor 66)

Agriculture Club  -  The Horse Always Gets it First  -  The Horse Always Gets it First   (Transistor 66)

Jerry Reed   -  East Bound and Down  -  My Name is Earl OST   (20th Century Fox)

Heavy Trash  -  Bumble Bee   -  Midnight Soul Serenade   (Fat Possum Records)

HighKicks**  -  Good Life  -  HighKicks   (Self-Released)

The Dickens   -  Champagne & Reefer  -  Marijuana’s Greatest Hits   (Re-Hash Records)

Cam Penner**  -  No Consequence  -  To Build A Fire   (Self-Released)

Southern Culture on the Skids  -  Camel Walk  -  Dirt Track Date   (Geffen)

The Blues Brothers  -  Theme From Rawhide  -  The Blues Brothers OST   (Atlantic)

The Smokin’ 45s  -  Walkin’ After Midnight  -  Live at The Palomino   (Self-Released)

Furnaceface  -  We Love You Tipper Gore  -  Clobbering Time!   (Upright Records)

Me First and The Gimme Gimmes  -  Sunday Morning Coming Down  -  Love Their Country   (Fat Wreck Chords)

Butthole Surfers  -  John E. Smoke  -  Hairway to Steven   (Touch and Go)

Knuckleduster  -  Proper Stranger  -  Guess Who’s Home: A Tribute   (Transistor 66)

One Bad Pig  -  Man in Black  -  Between the Covers   (Self-Released)

Lemmy  -  Thirsty & Miserable  -  Rise Above   (EMI)

Witch  -  Seer  -  Witch   (TeePee)

Melvins  -  Sweet Willy Rollbar  -  Stoner Witch    (Atlantic)

Moistboyz  -  Adios Amigo  -  Moistboyz 1 & 2   (Sony BMG)

The Smalls  -  Dan-Diddle-A-Na  -  The Smalls    (Self-Released)

Stampede Queen  -  Liquor Store Girl  -  Stampede Queen   (Perris Records)

Rob Zombie  -  Devil’s Rejects  -  Educated Horses   (Geffen)

Various: Iggy Pop & Bethany Cosentino  -  Let’s Boot and Rally  -  True Blood OST Vol. 4   (ATO)

Kyuss  -  Thong Song  -  Blues for the Red Sun   (Dali)

Barroness  -  A Horse Called Golgotha  -  Blue Records   (ReLapse Records)



The Nocturntable’s PlayList for 13 July 2013

“Hell or High Water”

Stampede 101 Showdown: Part 2

With your Hostess D~Jedi Christine


Ramachandra Borcar  -  More Magma  -  Ramasutra: El Pipo Del Taxi   (Semprini Records)

The Langley Schools Music Project  -  Desperado  -  Innocence & Despair  (Bar None)

Slo’ Tom and the Horseshit Heroes  -  Liquor’s My Lover  -  Liquor’s My Lover   (Upright Records)

Tim Hus  -  Talkin’ Saskatoon Blues  -  Hockeytown   (Stony Plain)

Merle Haggard  -  Okie From Muskogee  -  Platoon OST   (Atlantic)

Johnny Winter  -  Dallas  -  Johnny Winter   (Columbia)

The Bitter Weed Draw  -  Hell Song  -  Heart of the Old West   (Self-Released)

Beck  -  Hot Wax  -  Odelay   (Geffen)

Ween  -  Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain  -  12 Golden Country Greats (Elektra)

John Prine  -  Illegal Smile (Live Version)  -  Grass OST   (Universal)

Mojo Nixon & The Toadliquors  -  I Like Marijuana  -  Marijuana’s Greatest Hits   (Re-Hash Records)

Morphine  -  Buena  -  Cure for Pain   (Ryko)

Primus  -  Winona’s Big Brown Beaver  -  Tales From the Punchbowl   (Prawn Song)

Me First and The Gimme Gimmes  -  Jolene  -  Love Their Country   (Fat Wreck Chords)

Pig-in-a-Can  -  Big Legged Women  -  You Can’t Poison a Pig   (Jazz Depot)

The Cramps  -  Human Fly  -  Bad Music for Bad People   (A&M Records)

The Cows  -  Midnight Cowboy  -  Cunning Stunts   (Amphetamine Reptile)

Sammy Davis Jr.  -  Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!  -  My Name is Earl OST   (20th Century Fox)

Dash Rip Rock  -  (Let’s Go) Smoke Some Pot  -  Sings Get You Some of Me   (Sector 2 Records)

The Bownesians  -  Allen Saved the Radio Station  -  Sweet Treats   (CJSW)

Rodney Guitarsplat  -  TTC Skidaddler  -  BYOP Calgary Does Connors   (Saved By Radio)

Romi Mayes  -  Hand Me Down World  -  Guess Who’s Home   (Transistor 66)

Negativland  -  The Gun and The Bible  -  Free!   (Seeland)

Thomas Newman  -  To the Shock of Miss Louise  -  Lost Boys OST   (Atlantic)

Mountain  -  Mississippi Queen  -  Rip This Joint   (High Times)

White Cowbell Oklahoma  -  Shot a Gamblin’ Man / Cheerleader -  Cencerro Blanco   (Slick Monkey)

 Cripple Creek Fairies  -  Wild Women  -  Metal Arms   (Transistor 66)

The Pack A.D.  -  K Stomp  -  We Kill Computers   (Mint Records)

The British Columbians  -  Broke and Busted  -  Now with More Music (CJSW)

Monster Truck*  -  Sweet Mountain River  -  Furiosity   (Dine Alone)

Django Unchained  -  Django Unchained Theme  -  Django Unchained  OST (Loma Vista / Republic)

Nashville Pussy  -  High As Hell  -  High As Hell   (TVT Records)


Playlist for The Nocturntable – July 20, 2013

a la Scrum Diddly Umptious

Monkey3 - Last Gamuzao
snagged from their Self Titled album
Moon Duo - Motorcycle, I Love You
snagged from the “Escape” EP
Wooden Shjips – Motorbike
snagged from the album “Dos”
The Murder City Devils - I Drink The Wine
snagged from the album “In Name And Blood”
The Bronx – Last Revelation
snagged from their Self Titled (2013) album
Drunk Horse – Vatican Shuffle
snagged from the album “In Tongues”
Tricky Woo – Let The Goodtimes Roll
snagged from the album “Sometimes I Cry”
C’mon – Born To Get It On
snagged from the album “Bottled Lightning Of An All Time High”
Grimskunk - Seventh Wave
snagged from the album “Seventh Wave”
The Freeze - Short Way Down
snagged from the album “Freak Show”
The Brains – Devil In Disguise
snagged from the album “The Monster Within”
Gutter Demons – Till’ The End
snagged from the album “Enter The Demons”
Scorched Banditos – Feed
snagged from the “Unholy Matrimony” EP
The Misfits – Spinal Remains
snagged from the compilation album “Legacy Of Brutality”
Gorilla Biscuits – Short End Of The Stick
snagged from their Self Titled album
I Spy – Cowboys + Indians
snagged from the album “Revenge Of The Little Shits”
The Dwarves – Smack City
snagged from the album “Sugarfix”
Ripcordz - Legendary Isle Of Poutine
snagged from the album “There Ain’t No’H’ In Ripcordz, Dork Face”
Beyond Possession - Vengeance
snagged from the compilation album “Repossessed 1985-1989″
Poison Idea - Cold Comfort
snagged from the album “Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes”
L.A.M.S. - L.A.M.S.
snagged from the album “We Want Yur Beer”

Graveyard - The Siren
snagged from the album “Hisingen Blues”

Orchid - Silent One
snagged from the album “The Mouths Of Madness”

ASG - Children’s Music
snagged from the album “Blood Drive”

Black Tusk - Crossroads And Thunder
snagged from the album “Set The Dial”

Raised Fist - New Direction
snagged from the album “Ignoring The Guidelines”

The 21st Impact - Locked Out
snagged from the album “Second To None”

Section 8 - In Desperation To Victims Worldwide
snagged from their Self Titled EP

Breach - Common Day
snagged from the album “Venom”

~End Transmission~


Playlist for The Nocturntable – July 27, 2013

a la Scrum Diddly Umptious

Russian Circles - When The Mountain Comes To Muhammad
snagged from the album “Geneva”
Colour Haze – Sundazed
snagged from the album “Los Sounds De Krauts”
Causa Sui – Newborn Road
snagged from the album “Free Ride”
Monster  Truck - Old Train
snagged from the album “Furiosity”
Solace – Man Dog
snagged from the album “Further”
The Sword – Lawless Lands
snagged from the album “Warp Riders”
Boris – Rattlesnake
snagged from the album “Heavy Rocks (2002)”
Firestone - Nigel Mansel
snagged from the “Stonebeliever” EP
Crystal Pistol - Watch You Bleed
snagged from their Self Titled album
Sprëad Eagle – Conquest
snagged from the album “Magnus Bestia”
Turbonegro - Selfdestructo Bust
snagged from the album “Apocalypse Dudes”
Danko Jones – We Sweat Blood
snagged from the album “We Sweat Blood”
The Illuminati – Carte Noire
snagged from the album “The Illuminati And Their Cheap Powers”
Solarized – Iron Hide
snagged from the album “Neanderthal Speedway”
Camarosmith – 714
snagged from their Self Titled album
Altamont – Bitch Slap
snagged from the album “Civil War Fantasy”
Maximum RNR - Comin In Hot
snagged from the album “Rough Side Of The Dial”
Zeke - Rhiannon
snagged from the album “Dirty Sanchez”
High On Fire – Devilution
snagged from the album “Spitting Fire Live Vol. 1″
Bloated Pig – Drip Of Sin
snagged from their Self Titled album
Ken Mode – Your Heartwarming Story Makes Me Sick
snagged from the album “Entrench”

~End Transmission~


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