The Nocturntable presents CJSW Funding Drive 2013

Oct. 18-25th 2013

Listen Live at 90.9FM in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
and  live online from anywhere at


This year's theme is World Wide Radio 
representing our goal of increasing our web-presence and providing podcast access to all of our fine radio programs for the very first time!!!

THE NOCTURNTABLE'S FUNDING DRIVE SHOW rolls around but once a year, but you can pledge all year long online!

(403) 220-5000
Call in during our LIVE BROADCAST
 8-10pm MST -- Saturday October 19th!

View our coveted line of Funding Drive merchandise here and take a peek at our infamous Friends of CJSW Card which will grant you magical powers and discounts at 125 businesses across town:    Friends with Benefits



*Remember to indicate your pledge is for 

The Nocturntable



As always your hosts 
 D~Jedi Christine  & 
Scrum Diddly Umptious 
have put together Special Prize Packs featuring our popular DJ~Mixed CDs, memorabilia, paraphernalia and other sweet, sweet incentives.

Take home some fantastic bonuses 
along with your official 


Every listener that pays their pledge by Noon on November 8th, 2013  they will be entered in a draw to win the greatest swag of them all…

The ‘World Wide Radio Funding Drive Mega Mix CD‘ pack.

The winner will receive a copy of every handcrafted mix CD made by each and every programmer who offers one as an incentive during the drive. Priceless!


Are you in a band? Do you have a demo? Do you need a demo? The opportunity to record in a professional studio with some of Calgary’s top producers is right now!

For every $25 pledged, your band can be entered into a draw to win a full day of recording time at one of the following studios:

Arch Audio (Lorrie Matheson)
Public Lunch Studios (Patrick Palardy)
Simply mention the band challenge when you make your pledge and you’ll be on your way! Tell all your friends and family.

Every Saturday night from 8-10pm MST 
The Nocturntable takes you 
from the exotic rhythms of “Oh, Africa!” 
to the molten metal insanity of “Megawatt Mayhem”!

World, dub, funk, punk, rock, prog, metal… We've got you covered. And then some!

Rawkin’ ‘em dead on 90.9fm for fifteen years

 ~ ~

Let D~Jedi Christine & Scrum Diddly Umptious introduce you to that fine line between 
Saturday night and Sunday morning!

*Psychic Request Line in effect ~ 
Just put your hands on the radio and think real hard!*

Twitter:  @Nocturntable

 Online  CJSW Funding Drive

CJSW 90.9 FM, Calgary’s only campus and community radio station, is asking for your support during our funding drive to keep the station running and make some great improvements. For more details please visit WWW.CJSW.COM

World Wide Radio!
October 18 – 25, 2013

CJSW is a non-profit organization that strives to provide diverse programming. Our schedule spans awarding= winning news and spoken word, local musicians and artistic endeavors, multicultural programming and any style of music you can imagine.

The station receives roughly half of its funding from an undergraduate student levy at the University of Calgary. This levy pays for the day-to-day operation of the station, but to cover the capital expenditures, some of the surprise costs, or upgrading equipment, we need to have a little extra money hanging around. This is where the CJSW Funding Drive steps in…

The very first CJSW Funding Drive took place to help us buy the necessary equipment to become a full FM station, and ever since it has been our only source of funds for capital expenditures. It has allowed us to pay for the upgrading of our production facilities, including the purchase of new production board, as well as providing us with the monies to make the conversion to digital radio and increase our web presence. As we prepare for new advances in radio in the next few years, your generous donations provide the means by which we are able to continue our quest to be one of the finest campus/community radio stations around.

 The Funding Drive takes place in starting October 18th -- we will suspend our regular programming and ask for listener support in the form of cash donations and subscriptions in exchange for another year of outstanding radio and great CJSW swag.  

Thank-you for your continued support of Radical Rebel Radio and
The Nocturntable

Please PLEDGE Online here:
and tell them The Nocturntable sent ya!


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