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"The Nocturntable"
8pm - 10pm
Hosted By: DJedi Christine
Join The D~Jedi Master Christine for your weekly indulgence of The Nocturntable rawkin’ ‘em dead on 90.9fm for over two decades!!! Turn on and tune in for two hours of radical rebel radio every Saturday night from 8-10pm MST!

World, dub, funk, punk, rock, prog, metal…

The Nocturntable will introduce you to that fine line between Saturday night and Sunday morning!

*Psychic Request Line in effect ~ 
Just put your hands on the radio and think real hard!*

    Twart: @Nocturntable

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CJSW 90.9FM is Calgary’s community radio station, based at the University of Calgary. CJSW is a non-profit society maintained and operated by a group of seven staff members and over 200 volunteers drawn from both the University of Calgary student body and the wider city of Calgary population. CJSW broadcasts music, spoken word and multicultural programming on 90.9FM and streaming right here at cjsw.com!


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