The Nocturntable : My Definition

The Nocturntable : Defined
"For Madmen Only!!!"

While on the surface The Nocturntable seems like a multifaceted showcase of awesomeness, the fact is that the tracks are thoughtfully curated and sequenced with an expertise and finesse that is rarely duplicated in campus/community radio programming. 

A seat-of-your-pants flight pattern may be DJedi Christine’s M.O., but don’t be lulled into thinking these flawless transitions and compelling tempo surges are pure happenstance. 20 years of pushing plastic has resulted in a strange synergy of music and memory as The Nocturntable’s resident Timepilot delves into ancient treasure troves and polishes emergent diamonds-in-the-rough with equal enthusiasm. 

Raised by a Heavy Metal Mother and an Afrobeat Father, The Nocturntable unlocks the psychedelic lounge party of your dreams. Peter Sellars and Jimi Hendrix exchange “pleasantries,” while the scintillating sounds of Los Orientales de Paramonga flow through the speakers hidden inside your hanging egg chair. Lava lamps gloop and glow, and golden hash dust rains from the ceiling, as Hunter S. Thompson executes a languid backstroke through a shag carpet of the bluest azure. 

Tune in, turn on and pass through the soundproofed door that reads “For Madmen Only!” The Nocturntable loves homegrown! There is nothing better than playing host to a bevy of local musical acts who promise to hit the sonic sweet spot and shake you to your very bones! Shooting Guns, Blonde Elvis, Woodhawk, Tetrix, Nosis, Chron Goblin, No More Moments, Electric Revival, Monolith AB and many more have sent their good vibrations blasting into outer space on The Nocturntable, whilst performing their original creations in CJSW’s magnificent live performance studios. 

Working closely with CJSW’s Music Director and Production crew, The Nocturntable aims to feature one live performance per month. Of course, this could include having band members drop by to say “High!” and spin some of their fav LPs while providing insights on their industry. As a freelance writer, I am constantly interviewing artists and bands for different publications and, naturally, these experiences trickle into my programming. Granting increased exposure to talents from Calgary, Alberta, and Canada is a highlight of The Nocturntable’s mandate, as is the ongoing promotion of local venues, galleries, businesses, shows and festivals. 

I sincerely hope that CJSW’s listeners enjoy the showtime atmosphere created by The Nocturntable, and that they will benefit from hearing new and different acts, and learning about the record labels that support those artists. 

In the words of one Chef Wayne, my show resembles the classic “frog in the pot of water experiment,” in that I increase the temperature so incrementally that the subject does not realize they have gone from listening to Ravi Shankar to Red Fang in forty moves, or less. Thus, the audience is primed, ready, and has been brought to a rolling boil by the time the next programmer arrives! 

In endless rotation since the late-‘90s; The Nocturntable will introduce you to that fine line between Saturday night and Sunday morning. 

Thanks, eh!


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