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  Nocturntable Playlists for June, 2012

Playlist for The Nocturntable – June 2, 2012
a la Scrum Diddly Umptious

Lou Barlow - Blonde In The Bleachers
snagged from the album “Another Collection Of Home Recordings”

Lou Barlow - What Would It Be Like
snagged from the album “Another Collection Of Home Recordings”

Mammoth Volume - Vipera Berus
snagged from the album “A Single Book Of Songs By Mammoth Volume”

Puddy – Was It Nothing?
snagged from the album “Sweet Spot”

Truckfighters – Gargarismo
snagged from the album “Gravity X”

Firestone – Let The Sky Fall
snagged from the album “Fuzzsplit Of The Century”

Russian Circles - Station
snagged from the album “Station”

Pelican – NightEndDay
snagged from the album “Australasia”

Barn Burner - Brohemoth
snagged from the album “Bangers”

Dead Kennedys - Kinky Sex Makes The World Go Round
snagged from the album “Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death”

Fucked Up - Year Of The Pig
snagged from the album “Year Of The Pig”

Bison B.C. – Wendigo Pt. 1 (Quest For Fire)
snagged from the album “Quiet Earth”

Bison B.C. - Wendigo Pt. 2 (Cursed To Roam)
snagged from the album “Quiet Earth”

Bison B.C. - Wendigo Pt. 3 (Let Him Burn)
snagged from the album “Dark Ages”

Indignance - Less Than Friends
snagged from the album “Innovation”

Breach - Murder
snagged from the album “Venom”

Cursed - Hegel’s Bastards
snagged from the album “Three”

Cursed - Dead Air At The Pulpit
snagged from the album “Three”


Playlist for The Nocturntable – June 9, 2012

a la Scrum Diddly Umptious

Marriages - Ride In My Place
snagged from the album “Kitsune”

Marriages - Body Of Shade
snagged from the album “Kitsune”

La Ira de Dios – Cordillera
snagged from the album “Archaeopterix”

Natas - Windblows
snagged from the album “Delmar”

Cowpuncher - All We Are
snagged from the album “The Brown Album”

Shadowy Men From A Shadowy Planet - Running Meredith
snagged from the album “Dim The Lights, Chill The Ham”

The Ramblin’ Ambassadors - Lungbucket
snagged from the album “Avanti”

Black Mastiff - Weird Fog
snagged from their Self Titled album

Black Wizard - Black Fog
snagged from their Self Titled album

Boris – Furi
snagged from the album “Akuma no Uta”

Melvins – The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown)
snagged from the album “The Maggot”

Melvins - Mary Lady Bobby Kins
snagged from the album “The Bootlicker”

Melvins - Okie From Muskogee
snagged from the album “The Crybaby”

Torche - In Pieces
snagged from the album “Harmonicraft”

Profits Of Crime – Religion Kills
snagged from their Self Titled album

Battalion Of Saints - Inter Course
snagged from the compilation album “Death R Us”

Battalion Of Saints - Solidarity Is Fun
snagged from the compilation album “Death R Us”

Poison Idea - Typical
snagged from the album “Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes”

Refused - Our Silence
snagged from the album “This Just Might Be… The Truth”

Cancer Bats - Drunken Physics
snagged from the album “Dead Set On Living”

3 Inches Of Blood - My Sword Will Not Sleep
snagged from the album “Long Live Heavy Metal”

High On Fire - Fertile Green
snagged from the album “De Vermis Mysteriis”


Playlist for The Nocturntable 16 June 2012

with your Hostess D~Jedi Christine


Artist   /  Song   Album  /  (Label)

Orchestre Super Bourgou De Parakou  - DADON GABOU YO SA BE #2The Bariba Sound  (Analog Africa)

Afro Cuban All Stars  -  Baila Mi Son –  Hencho en Cuba 3  (Habanos)

Manu Chao  - Mr. Bobby –  Esperanza  (Virgin)

Spoek Mathambo  - Let Them Talk -  Father Creeper  (Sub Pop)

The Black Keys  - Sister -  El Camino  (Nonesuch)

Aboulaye Kone Morike & Bolo Kan*  - Afo Gne –  Afo Gne  (Self-Released)

Curumin  - Paris Vila Matilde –  Arrocha  (Six Degrees)

Niyaz  - Parishaan –  Sumud  (Six Degrees)

Don Cherry  - Utopia & Visions –  Organic Music Society  (Caprice)

William S. Burroughs  - Is Everybody In? –  Stoned Immaculate  (Elektra)

Nightwatchman  - One Man Revolution –  One Man Revolution (Epic)

Tim Hus  - Talkin’ Saskatoon Blues –  Hockeytown (Stony Plain)

Bill Cosby  - Fat Albert Plays Dead –  Fat Albert (Geffen)

Rose Royce  - Daddy Rich –  Car Wash OST (MCA)

The Nightcrawlers  - Zattitude -  Down in the Bottom (Cellar Live)

The Evaporators  - Addicted to Cheese –  Ripple Rock (Mint)

Five Alarm Funk*  - Crimes of Passion –  Rock The Sky (Self-Released)

Fukachuk Egg Machine**  - Busy Legs –  Mighty Planet (Self-Released)

Lioness*  - Electricity –  The Golden Killer (New Romantic)
Gossip  - Involved –  A Joyful Noise (Columbia)

Magik Spells**  - Taken Away –  Magik Spells (Self-Released)

Double Fuzz**  - Jumbo Jet -  Double Fuzz (Self-Released)

Grimskunk  - Falling into Shadow –  Set Fire! (Indica)

Torche  - Harmonicraft –  Harmonicraft (Volcom)

Mares of Thrace** – David Glimpses BathshebaThe Pilgrimage (Sonic Unyon)

Vigil-Ante**  - Moment of Clarity –  The Minotaur (Self-Released)

High On Fire  - Romulus and Remus –  De Vermis Mysteriis (Eone)

Ministry  - Freefall -  Relapse (13th Planet)

Tenacious D  - Roadie –  Rise of the Fenix (Sony)

~End Transmission~

Playlist for The Nocturntable 30 June 2012-07-03

With your Hostess D~Jedi Christine Leonard-Cripps


(* = Canadian release  /  **= Local (Calgary, Alberta) release)

Orchestre Super Bourgou De Parakou – Adiza Clair –  The Bariba Sound (Analog Africa)

The Funkees – Dancing in the NudeDancing Time (Soundway)

The Battle of Santiago* – Southern Coast –  Full Colour (Self-Released)

Sheerwater  –  Breaking the Yearlings –  Animal Joy (Sub Pop)

Galactic – Liquor Pang –  Ya-Ka-May (ANTI-)

Bullfrog – Bullfrog Theme –  Bullfrog (Little Golden Ninja Tune)

Jaymze Bee & Deep Lounge Coalition – Southern Hospitality –  Sub Urban (Oglio)

Merlin – Playboy Interview –  Merlin’s Arcade (Channel Three)

Eyes Adrift – Alaska –  Eyes Adrift  (Spin Art)

The Bigfoot Rocketship – Super Stock –  The Bigfoot Rocketship (Self-Released)

Evan Johns & His H-Bombs – Too Drunk To Fuck –  Virus 100 (Alternative Tentacles)

The Evaporators – Barney Rubble is My Double –  Ripple Rock (Mint Records)

Real Tuesday Weld – Bathtime in ClerkenwellI Lucifer (Six Degrees)

Various* Foon Yap & The Roar – FOONYAP Dickslap –  Compilation Vol II (The Fifty Fifty Arts
Lioness* – Krokodil Tears –  The Golden Killer (New Romantic)

Japandroids* – The Nights of Wine and RosesCelebration Rock (Polyvinyl)

Black Mountain  - Stormy High –  The Future (Scratch)

CAVE – On the Rise –  Neverendless (Hungry Mother)

Cake – Long Line of Cars –  Comfort Eagle (Columbia)

Five Alarm Funk* – The Iron Pegasus –  Rock The Sky (Self-Released)

Black Mastiff –  Pyramids -  Pyramids (Self-Released)

C’Mon – It’s Done –  In the Heat of the Moment (MapleMusic Universal)

Pigment Vehicle – Total Control –  Perfect Cop Moustache (Incentive Sound)

Fake Cops – Two Mutes Two Not –  Absolutely Your Credit is Fine… (Mockingbird)

Grimskunk – Green Pixies –  Set Fire! (Indica)

Mark Birtles Project – Feel Nice –  Art Crime (Rectangle)

Shellac – In a Minute –  At Action Park (…of North America)

Bison B.C. – These Are My Dress Clothes –  Quiet Earth (Metal Blade)

Prong – Carved Into Stone –  Carved Into Stone (Long Branch)

Mares of Thrace** – …And The Bird Surgeon –  The Pilgrimmage (Sonic Unyon)


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