Welcome to The Nocturntable

Welcome to The Nocturntable

Rebel radio that takes you around the world and back 
in 20 moves - or less
Saturdays from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Tune in from anywhere 
around the world &catch 
The Nocturntable LIVE
 online at  

Join The D~Jedi Master Christine & her Padawan Chad a.k.a. Scrum Diddly Umptious 
for your weekly indulgence of The Nocturntable.

Celebrating over 15 years of rawkin’ ‘em dead on 90.9fm!!!

Enjoy 2 Hours of Variety-Core Radio
every Saturday Night!
CJSW Request Line:  1+ (403) 220-3991

*Psychic Request Line in effect –
Just put your hands on the radio and think real hard!*

Bridging the all-important 8-10pm abyss, The Nocturntable takes you from the exotic rhythms of “Oh, Africa!” to the molten metal insanity of “Megawatt Mayhem”!!!

Like South Louisiana Gumbo’s Chef Wayne says, we run the ol’  “Frog in the pot of boiling water experiment.”   Things tend to heat up incrementally as we go along.
World, dub, funk, punk, rock, prog, metal – The Nocturntable’s gotcha covered…and then some!


We listen to bands that haven't even been invented yet!  

Broadcasting live from the beautiful University of Calgary campus here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
The Great White North, Land of the Ice & Snow!

We also have a very pretty and dormant MySpace: 

Follow us on Twitter @Nocturntable

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