The Nocturntable -- January 2013 Playlists

Nocturntable’s Best of 2012 Year in Review – playlist for January 12th, 2013

The Nocturntable’s

Best of 2012 Year in Review –

playlist for January 12th



Amadou & Mariam         Folila    Dougou Badia

Amadou & Mariam         Folila    Wily Kataso

The Souljazz Orchestra  Solidarity            Conquering Lion

Konkoma             Self Titled            Accra Jump

Various – Los Orientales de Paramonga                 Cumbia Beat vol. 12: Tropical Sounds from Peru 
1966-1983 Disc 1      Sabor   A Cana

Various – Los Ecos    Cumbia Beat vol. 12: Tropical Sounds from Peru 1966-1983 Disc 2      Chichita

Spoek Mathambo            Father Creeper        Let Them Talk

Kid Koala*          12 Bit Blues Bit Blues      (10,000 Miles)

Shearwater        Animal Joy          Breaking The Yearlings

Jimmy Fallon     Blow Your Pants Off       Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

No River              Don’t Pray           5 Open Warrants

Cowpuncher**                     Hooscow b/w Get In The Truck              Hooscow

The Hellbound Hepcats    No. 2                 Cold Monday

Cripple Creek Fairies     War Amps           Cursed To Rock The Earth

The Ford Pier Vengance Trio      Huzzah!              Lions And Tigers And Bears

Double Fuzz       Self Titled             Alone In My City

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion       Meat And Bone       Bear Trap

Dash Rip Rock    Black Liquor       Dirt

The Suppliers    Self Titled            Simple Man

The Mahones*                   Angels And Devils          Tin Soldiers

Flatfoot 56          Toil         Brother, Brother

Snuff                     5-4-3-2-1 … Perhaps?       There Goes The Waltzinblack

Dada Centauri**              II             Track 1

Mono    For My Parents                                Dream Odyssey

Colour Haze       She Said              Slowdown

Earth     Angels Of Darkness Demons Of Light II          The Corascene Dog

Caspian                Waking Season                 Long The Desert Mile

Moon Duo          Circles                   I Can See

Baroness             Yellow & Green                Sea Lungs

Various* – Shaker Hymns        Dub Pitch Picnic: A Year of Haircuts    Juanita

Various* – Swung         Dub Pitch Picnic: A Year of Haircuts          Nauve

Black Mastiff     Pyramids             Rolling Stoned

Greenleaf           Nest Of Vipers   Jack Staff

The Company Band         Pros & Cons        House Of Capricorn

The Sword          Apocryphon       Arcane Montane

Witchcraft               Legend                   Democracy

Godspeed You! Black Emperor   ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!   Strung Like Lights At Thee Printemps Erable

Outlaws Of Ravenhurst**           Wizards Night             Magic Is For The Weak

Down    Down    Witchtripper

The Melvins Lite              Freak Puke         Mr. Rip-Off

Om         Advaitic Songs                        State Of Non-Return

Sons Of Otis       Seismic                Guilt

Breed Of War**        Blood           Blood

Anciients             Snakebeard EP                                 Built To Die

High On Fire      De Vermis Mysteriis       Bloody Knuckles

Bison B.C.            Lovelessness                     An Old Friend

Converge            All We Love We Leave Behind      Sadness Comes Home

Angry*                         Wild Ox Shangri-La         Shoot The Messenger

Crystal Mess      Unholy Neckbreaker       Religious Crutch

Municipal Waste       The Fatal Feast       Eviction Party

Dethklok             Dethalbum III     Crush The Industry

Tetrix**               The Time Travellers         New York City

White Hills         Frying On This Rock         Song Of Everything

Ancestors            In Dreams And Time       Running In Circles

~End Transmission~

Nocturntable Playlist — January 26th, 2013

Playlist for The Nocturntable for January 26th, 2013

With your Hostess D-Jedi Christine


The Mystic Orchestra  -  Zarandia Champeta  -  ColombiAfrica   (Riverboat Records)

Various * Sonora Dinamita  -  Eco en Stereo  -  Diablos Del Ritmo: The Columbian Melting Pot 1960 – 1985   (Analog Africa)

Ernest Dawkins  -  Afro Straight  -  Afro Straight   (Delmark)

Karthala 72  -  Bahari Farasi  -  Diable Du Feu!   (Electric Cowbell)

Various  * Myrian Makenwa  -  Amampondo  -  Diablos Del Ritmo: The Columbian Melting Pot 1960 – 1985   (Analog Africa)

Various * Los De La Torre  -  Te Puedes Ir En Paz  -  Skanish Sound   (Vampi Soul)

Hepcat  -  Can’t Hardly Wait  -  Right On Time   (Hellcat Records)

Bob Marley & The Wailers  -  Rocking Steady  -  Fy-ah Fy-ah   (Universal)

Jessica Erlendson  -  Who Got the Girl?  -  Genderoni   (Self-Released)

Violent Femmes  -  Freak Magnet  -  Freak Magnet   (EMI)

Particle  -  Launchpad  -  Launchpad   (Or Music Ltd.)

Arlington & Cameron  -  Le Flic Et La Fille  -  Music for Imaginary Films   (Emperor Norton)

Ween  -  Don’t Get to Close to My Fantasy  -  Pure Guava   (Elektra)

Volume  -  Tribute to Spider-Man  -  The Amazing Spider-Band   (Steele Studios)

Wesley Willis  -  Feel the Power of Rock and Roll  -  Greatest Hits Vol .2.   (Alternative Tentacles)

Voltaire  -  Worf’s Revenge (The Klingon Rap)  -  Banned on Vulcan   (Projekt)

The Pack A.D.  -  Deer  -  We Kill Computers    (Mint Records)

Peaches  -  Boys Wanna Be Her  -  Impeach My Bush   (XL Recordings)

Andrew W.K.  -  I Get Wet  -  I Get Wet   (Island)

Witch  -  Changing  -  Witch   (Tee Pee)

Monster Magnet  -  Look to Your Orb for the Warning  -  Dopes to Infinity   (AM Records)

Furnaceface   -  If You Love Her Buy Her a Gun  -  Clobbering Time!   (Upright Records)

Fugazi   -  Waiting Room  -  13 Songs   (Dischord)

Dash Rip Rock  -  Anvil or Hammer  -  Black Liquor   (Alternative Tentacles)

Bison BC*  -  Last and First Things  -  Lovelessness   (Metal Blade)

Deftones  -  Tempest  -  Koi No Yokan   (Reprise Records)

~End Transmission~

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