The Nocturntable -- February 2013 Playlists

Nocturntable Playlists for February, 2013

Playlist for The Nocturntable for February 2nd, 2013

With your Hostess D-Jedi Christine

Arturo Stable  -  Mr. Brake  -  Cuban Crosshatching   (Origen)

Red Baraat  -  Dama Dam Mast Oalandar  -  Shruggy Ji   (Sinj)

Talking Heads  -  Papa Legba  -  True Stories   (Sire)

Rara Avis  -  If 6 Was 9  -  Backspin   (Six Degrees)

Jimi Hendrix  -  I Hear My Train a Comin’   -  Live at the Filmore East   (Universal)

Tony Allen   -  Switch  -  Secret Agent   (World Circuit)

Papa Groove  -  Little Man  -  We’re Not Blind   (Outside Music)

Cornelius  -  Smoke / Drop  -  Point   (Matador)

The Jolly Boys  -  Do It Again  -  Great Expectation   (eone / Geejam)

Flowshine**  -  Mountain Queen  -  Mountain Queen   (Self-Released)

Golden, B.C.**  -  The Proof  -  Just Take It   (Self-Released)

The Parson Red Heads  -  Kids Hanging Out  -  Yearling   (Second Motion)

On An On  -  Bad Mythology  -  Give In   (Roll Call)

Primus  -  Lee Van Cleef  -  Green Naugahyde   (Prawn Song)

Swell Maps  -  Vertical Slum  -  A Trip to Marineville   (Virgin)

The Two Koreas  -  Haunted Beach  -  Science Island   (Randy Vicar)

The Fall  -  Couldn’t Get Ahead  -  This Nation’s Saving Grace   (Blanco Y Negro)

The Primrods   -  Real Cuban Fire  -  Kneecappin’   (Melodyia)

Bad Religion  -  Past is Dead  -  True North    (Epitaph)

Golden Triangle  -  Rollercoaster  -  Double Jointer   (Hardly Art)

Bad Wizard   -  Wizard of Shackles  -  #1 Tonight   (Howler )

Bad Brains & Henry Rollins  -  Kick Out the Jams  -  Pump Up the Volume OST   (MCA)

Double Fuzz  -  Jumbo Jet  -  Double Fuzz   (Self-Released)

Torche  -  Without a Sound   -  Meanderthal   (Hydrahead)

Indian Handcrafts  -  Red Action  -  Civil Disobedience for Losers   (Sargent House)

Thighs*  -  Carpet  -  Thighs   (Not Unlike)

Kittie  -  I’ve Failed You  -  I’ve Failed You   (eone)

Therapy?  -  Hypermania  -  Nurse   (AM Records)

~End Transmission~


Playlist for The Nocturntable – February 9, 2013

a la Scrum Diddly Umptious
Mono – Ashes In The Snow
snagged from the album “‘Hymn To The Immortal Wind”

Black Mountain - Stormy High
snagged from the “Stormy High” 7″

Pink Mountaintops – Cold Criminals
snagged from the album “Axis Of Evol”

The Black Angels – The First Vietnamese War
snagged from the album “Passover”

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Weapon Of Choice
snagged from the album “Baby 81″

Danko Jones - Just A Beautiful Day
snagged from the album “Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue”

C’mon - Mirrors
snagged from the album “Beyond The Pale Horse”

Bad Wizard - Hurricane
snagged from the album “Sophisticated Mouth”

The Illuminati - Going Down
snagged from the album “On Borrowed Time”

Josiah – Long Time Burning
snagged from the album “No Time”

Solarized – Aftermath
snagged from the album “Neanderthal Speedway”

Hermano – Don’t Call Your Mama
snagged from the album “…Into The Exam Room”

Orange Goblin – Song Of The Purple Mushroom Fish
snagged from the album “Frequencies From Planet Ten”

Orange Goblin - Aquatic Fanatic
snagged from the album “Frequencies From Planet Ten”

Alabama Thunderpussy – 1/4 Mile
snagged from the album “Constellation”

Barn Burner - Scum Of The Earth
snagged from the album “Bangers II: Scum Of The Earth”

Sixty Watt Shaman - All Things Come To Pass
snagged from the album “Reason To Live”

Drool – Wishbone
snagged from their Self Titled album

Broken Nose - The Hayride
snagged from the album “The Evidence Room”

D.O.A. - Nervous Breakdown
snagged from the compilation album “Punk Rock Singles 1978-1999″

Black Flag -Wasted
snagged from the compilation album “The First Four Years”

Circle Jerks - Don’t Care
snagged from the album “Group Sex”

Circle Jerks - Live Fast Die Young
snagged from the album “Group Sex”

Circle The Wagons - Beaten To Death In Prison
snagged from the EP “We’re Not Old School…We’re Just Old”

Maximum R’N'R - Trust Us
snagged from the EP “Horns Up”

Maximum R’N'R - Say What
snagged from the EP “Horns Up”

Cancer Bats - Pneumonia Hawk
snagged from the album “Birthing The Giant”




Playlist for The Nocturntable for 16 February 2013
With your Hostess D-Jedi Christine

Canadian Artist = *  Local Artist = **

Vo-Duo   -  Pale Mal  -  Nou La   (Lakou Brooklyn)

World Kora Trio  -  Straight Line  -  Korazon   (Cristal)

2raumwohnung  -  Madchen Mit Plan  -  Euro Groove   (Putumayo)

Manu Dibango  -  Nature Boy  -  The Rough Guide to Manu Dibango   (World Music Network)

Mystic Diversions  -  E Pa-Pa  -  Euro Groove    (Putumayo)

Hukwe Zawose & Michael Brook  -  Ntambalize Lijenje/Pumpkin Life  -  African Express   (Shakti/Virgin)

Angelique Kidjo   -  Voodoo Child  -  AFX United   (AFX)

The Hummers  -  The One Day Flu  -  Save the Jets   (Sisyphus Records)

Kid Koala*  -  10 Bit Blues  -  12 Bit Blues   (Ninja Tune)

The Herbaliser  -  Welcome to Extravagance  -  There Were Seven   (Dept. H)

Yo La Tengo  -  Ohm  -  Fade   (Matador)

Two Hours Traffic*  -  I Don’t Want 2 Want U  -  Foolish Blood   (Bumstead)

Elephant Stone* -  Looking Through Baby Blue  -  Elephant Stone   (Hidden Pony)

Elephant Stone*  -  Sally Go Round the Sun  -  Elephant Stone   (Hidden Pony)

Hang Time  -  Bubble Bath  -  Hang Time   (Self-Released)

UV Race  -  Memenonome  -  Racism   (In The Red)

Golden, B.C.**  -  Doomsday #1  -  Doomsday #1   (Self-Released)

Bleachers**  -  All That’s Fine  -  Bleachers EP   (Self-Released)

This Hisses*  -  Winter’s Grip  -  Anhedonia   (Transistor 66)

Cusses  -  The Waiting is Over  -  Cusses   (Ha! Records)

Young Rival*  -  Black Popcorn  -  Stay Young   (Sonic Unyon)

Queens of the Stone Age  -  3′s and 7′s  -  Era Vulgaris   (Interscope)

Quest for Fire  -  Confusion’s Home  -  Lights From Paradise   (Tee Pee )

Soundgarden   -  Heretic  -  Pump Up the Volume OST   (MCA)

Coheed & Cambria  -  Radio Bye Bye  -  No World For Tomorrow   (Sony BMG)

High on Fire  -  Last  -  The Art of Self Defense   (Tee Pee)


Playlist for The Nocturntable for 23 February 2013

Playlist for The Nocturntable for CJSW 90.9 FM 



With your Hostess D-Jedi Christine

Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba  -  I speak Fula  -  I Speak Fula   (Sub Pop)

Various *Ipelegeng Ensemble  -  Wawa-Nko  -  Master Drummers of Africa   (ARC)

Bombino  -  Tar Hani  -  Agadez   (Cumbancha)

Seun Kuti + Fela’s Egypt 80  -  African Problems  -  Seun Kuti + Fela’s Egypt 80   (Disorient)

Dubble Standart  -  Everything Is Go  -  Are You Experienced    (Collision )

Dubmatix  -  Deep Dark Dub  -  System Shakedown   (Renegade Rocker)

Psyco  -  Butterfly  -  There Must Be a Revolution Somewhere   (Fat Records)

Dub Narcotic Sound System  -  Blood Flow  -  Degenerate Introduction   (K Records)

Guerilla Funk Monster  -  Robot Dub Jam  -  Triptophonic   (Absurd Machine)

Five Alarm Funk  -  Payday  -  Anything Is Possible   (Indie)

Ursula 1000  -  Ragnarock  -  Here Comes Tomorrow   (Indie)

The Pygmies  -  She Lied  -  S/T   (Sloth)

Dash Rip Rock  -  Black Liquor  -  Black Liquor   (Alternative Tentacles)

Dan Auerbach  -  The Prowl  -  Keep It Hid   (Nonesuch)

Minotaurs*  -  New Believers   -  New Believers   (Static Clang)

Local H  -  24 Hour Break-Up Session  -  12 Angry Months   (Shout Records)

Cave  -  WUJ  -  Neverendless   (Indie)

Fonda  -  Seeing Stars  -  Sell Your Memories   (Minty Fresh)

Cusses  -  The Wait Is Over  -  S/T   (Ha! Records)

Auf Der Maur  -  Skin Receiver  -  Auf Der Maur   (Capitol)

Nerf Herder  -  Sorry  -  Nerf Herder   (My Records)

Les Claypool  -  Booneville Stomp  -  Of Fungi and Foe   (Prawn Song)

Gibby Haynes - You Don’t Have to Be Smart  -  Paul’s Not Home b/w Horse Named George  (Third Man)

Red Fang  -  Wires  -  Murder the Mountains   (Relapse)

Golden Void  -  Art of Invading  -  Golden Void   (Thrill Jockey)

Indian Handcrafts  -  Starcraft  -  Civil Disobedience For Losers   (Sargent House)

Raised Fist  -  Breaking Me Up  -  Ignoring the Guidelines   (Epitaph)

Mastodon  -  Bladecatcher  -  Blood Mountain   (Relapse)

~End Transmission~


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