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The Nocturntable Playlists for March 2013 

90.9fm Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Playlist for The Nocturntable – March 2, 2013

a la Scrum Diddly Umptious

The Derek Trucks Band - Soul Serenade / Rasta Man Chant
snagged from the album “‘Soul Serenade”
Psychic Ills - Tried To Find It
snagged from the album “One Track Mind”
Lumerians – Atlanta Brook
snagged from the album “Transmalinnia”
Wooden Shjips – Lazy Bones
snagged from the album “West”
White Hills – Radiate
snagged from the album “Heads On Fire”
Priestess – Blood
snagged from the album “Hello Master”
Pride Tiger - What It Is
snagged from the album “The Lucky Ones”
Twin Earth – Slow Motion
snagged from the album “South Of The Border”
Fireball Ministry - In Their Own Right
snagged from their Self Titled album
Stoner Kings - The Ebb And The Flow
snagged from the album “Brimstone Blues”
Sprëad Eagle - Sin Is A Good Mans Daughter
snagged from the album “Magnus Bestia”
Turbonegro - Waste Again
snagged from the album “Party Animals”
Tricky Woo – Mistress Of The Mountain
snagged from the album “First Blush”
Nosis – We Feel It
snagged from the album “Sup… Come Over”
I Spy – I Get Mad I Get Mad I Get Mad
snagged from the album “Revenge Of The Little Shits”
Stretch Marks – Tomorrow Will Be Better
snagged from the album “What D’Ya See”
Ripcordz – Runaway
snagged from the album “Is That A Squeegee In Your Pocket?”
Swingin’ Utters - Mother Of The Mad
snagged from the split album w/ Youth Brigade
Flatfoot 56 – Ollie Ollie
snagged from the album “Jungle Of The Midwest Sea”
Link 80 - Up To The Top
snagged from the album “17 Reasons…”
Screeching Weasel -Punkhouse
snagged from the EP “Punkhouse”
7 Seconds – New Wind
snagged from the album “New Wind”
Black Cobra – Dragon And Phoenix
snagged from the album “Feather And Stone”
3 Inches Of Blood - Execution Tank
snagged from the album “Here Waits Thy Doom”
Strapping Young Lad - Velvet Kevorkian
snagged from the album “City”
Strapping Young Lad - All Hail The New Flesh
snagged from the album “City”


Playlist for The Nocturntable – March 9, 2013

a la Scrum Diddly Umptious

Explosions In The Sky - Six Days At The Bottom Of The Ocean
snagged from the album “‘The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place”
Psychic Ills - City Sun
snagged from the album “One Track Mind”
Colour Haze - Fall
snagged from the album “All”
Hypnos 69 – My Journey To The Stars
snagged from the album “Legacy”
The Desert Sessions - Nenada
snagged from Volume 7 “Gypsy Marches”
Queens Of The Stone Age - Auto Pilot
snagged from the album “Rated R”
Queens Of The Stone Age - Better Living Through Chemistry
snagged from the album “Rated R”
Astroqueen – Serve The Sun
snagged from the album “Into Submission”
Truckfighters - The Special Theory Of Relativity
snagged from the album “Fuzzsplit Of The Century”
Truckfighters - Nitro
snagged from the album “Fuzzsplit Of The Century”
Datura – Euphoria
snagged from the album “Visions For The Celestial”
Clutch – Open Up The Border
snagged from the album “Pure Rock Fury”
Orange Goblin – One Room, One Axe, One Outcome
snagged from the album “Thieving From The House Of God”
Black Pyramid - The Cauldron Born
snagged from their Self Titled album
Black Tusk - Snake Charmer
snagged from the album “Taste The Sin”
BDFM - BDFantheM
snagged from the album “Here’s To A Few Here’s To A Few More”
The Turrettes – Roadkill
snagged from the album “Not Heavy, Just Awkward To Lift”
Headcramp – Sexxy Man
snagged from the EP “No More Smiles”
Fuquored - Shotgunz & Hotknives
snagged from the album “Inebriation Nation”
Dayglo Abortions – Homophobic Sexist Cokeheads
snagged from the album “Little Man In The Canoe”
SNFU - Broken Toy
snagged from the album “…And No One Else Wanted To Play”
Rehashed – Amazing Graves
snagged from the album “Code Black”
Epi-Demic -Power Of Will
snagged from the album “Madness”
Crystal Mess – Touch Of Death
snagged from the album “Worms Of The Earth”


Playlist for The Nocturntable for 16 March 2013

The Celtic Pride edition with D~Jedi Christine 


Canadian Artist = *  Local Artist = **

4 Be 2  -  One of the Lads  -  Wild Dub   (EFA Records)

Afro Celt Sound System  -  Whirl-Y-Reel (Folk Police mix)  -  Volume 1 Sound Magic   (Virgin)

Dehli 2 Dublin  -  Celtic Dub  -  Remixed   (Self-Released)

Ashley MacIsaac  -  Gravel Walk  -  Helter’s Celtic   (Loggerhead Records)

Clann Zu  -  Words for Snow  -  Rua   (G7 Welcoming Committee Records)

Dierdre  -  Waiting for Spring  -  Full Confession 4   (Six Degrees)

Mediaeval Baebes  -  I am Eve  -  The Rose   (Nettwerk)

Sinead O’Connor  -  Never Get Old  -  The Lion and The Cobra   (Chrysalis)

Clannad  -  Dtigeas a Damhsa  -  Christ Church Cathedral   (ARC)

The Chieftains & Mick Jagger  -  The Rocky Road to Dublin  -  The Long Black Veil   (BMG)

The Mahones  -  Drunken Lazy Bastard  -  Paint the Town Red   (True North)

The Tossers  -  A Criminal of Me  -  The Valley of the Shadow of Death   (Victory)

Mairi Morrison & Alasdair Roberts  -  Fiullaigean  -  Urstan   (Drag City)

Nogoodnix  -  Angelina  -  Shite & Onions   (Omnium)

Pogues  -  Lorelei  -  Essential Pogues   (Island)

Raposo  -  Being Green  -  Jim Henson A Sesame St. Celebration   (Golden Music)

Me First and The Gimme Gimmes  -  Rainbow Connection  -  Are a Drag!   (Sony)

The Clancy Brothers  -  Beer, Beer, Beer  -  A Brief History of Celtic   (Sony BMG)

Fuzzy Love  -  I Like Beer  -  Pagan Schmalz & Other Sacrifices   (Fuzzy Records & Tapes)

NOFX  -  I’m an Alcoholic  -  Coaster   (Fat Wreck Chords)

Spirit of the West  -  Home for a Rest  -  Brief History of Celtic   (Sony BMG)

Tv Snow  -  I Will Dance  -  Red   (Self-released)

The Skels   -  One for the Road  -  Shite & Onions   (Omnium)

Greenland Whalefishers  -  July Morning  -  Shite & Onions   (Omnium)

The Von Bondies   -  C’Mon C’Mon  -  Rescue Me   (Nettwerk)

Swingin’ Utters  -  No Eager Men  -  Live in a Dive   (Fat Wreck Chords)

Ween  -  The Blarney Stone  -  The Mollusk   (Elektra)

The Real McKenzies  -  Drink the Way I Do  -  Shine Not Burn   (Fat Wreck Chords)

Bouncing Souls  -  Simple Man  -  Anchors Aweigh   (Epitaph)

Neck  -  The Star of the County Down  -  Shite & Onions    (Omnium)

Dropkick Murphys  -  I’m Shipping Up to Boston  -  The Warriors Code   (Hellcat Records)

Blood or Whiskey   -  Your Majesty  -  Shite & Onions   (Omnium)

Morton Downey  -  When Irish Eyes are Smiling  -  A Brief History of Celtic   (Sony BMG)

Mudmen  -  Drink & Fight  -  Mudmen   (Mudflap)

Big Black Cadillac  -  Wasted Years  -  Shite & Onions   (Omnium)

Rum Runner  -  Die Quietly  -  What’s the Music Mean to You?   (Stumble)

Pennywise  -  Yell Out  -  The Fuse   (Epitaph)


 Playlist for The Nocturntable – 23 March 2013

With your Hostess D~Jedi Christine

House Of David Gang*  -  Reggae Warrior  -  Reggae Warrior   (NuFunk)

Piper St. Sound  -  Lloyd’s Lament  -  Cumbia De La Piedmont   (Boom One)

David Starfire  -  Rahu  -  Ascend   (Six Degrees)

Transglobal Underground  -  Delta Disco  -  Rejoice Rejoice   (MCA / Universal)

Kid Koala & Dynamite D  -  Third World Lover  -  Bombay 2: Electric Vindaloo   (Motel Records)

Red Baraat  -  Shruggy Ji  -  Shruggy Ji   (Sinj)

Bomba Estéreo  -  Bailar Conmigo  -  Elegancia Tropical   (Soundway)

Minotaurs*  -  Strange Fire  -  New Believers   (Static Clang)

Yohimbe Brothers  -  Shine for Me / The Secret Frequency  -  The Tao of Yo   (Thirsty Ear)

Spoek Mathambo  -  Let Them Talk  -  Father Creeper   (Sub Pop)

Cake  -  Never Never Gonna Give You Up  -  B-Sides & Rarities   (Upbeat Records)

Elephant Stone*  -  The Sea of Your Mind  -  Elephant Stone   (Hidden Pony)

Björk  -  Crystalline  -  Bastards   (One Little Indian)

Pink Mountain Tops  -  The Gayest of Sunbeams  -  Outside Love   (Jagjaguwar)

Magneta Lane*  -  Burn  -  Witchrock   (Splendor)

Ministry  -  The Light Pours Out of Me  -  Animositisomina   (Sanctuary)

Bad Religion  -  Hello Cruel World  -  True North   (Epitaph)

Rockets And Dinosaurs**  -  Molly  -  Gnarly, Angry Love   (Self-Released)

Defluge**  -  The Anatomy of Me  -  The Quiet Things   (Self-Released)

Falcon Punch*  -  ThinkWhatUSay  -  FP!   (Stainless Manchu)

Coheed And Cambria  -  Number City  -  The Afterman: Descension   (Everything Evil)

Frank Zappa  -  Dumb All Over  -  Zappa Picks by Larry LaLonde   (Ryko)

Daywalker**  -  Gotta Go  -  Daywalker   (Self-Released)

The Martyr Index**  -  Lions  -  Songs In The Key Of Strife   (Self-Released)

Early On Sunday**  -  Goddess of the Dawn  -  Smoke Signal   (Self-Released)




Playlist for The Nocturntable – 30 March 2013

With your Hostess D~Jedi Christine

Konkoma  -  Lie Lie  -  Konkoma   (Sound Way Records)

Balkan Beat Box  -  Taste of Where I’m From  -  Give   (Nat Geo Music)

Badmarsh & Shri   -  Dancing Drums  -  Dancing Drums   (Outcaste)

Midival Punditz  -  Drifting  -  Hello Hello   (Six Degrees)

Fela Kuti  -  Yellow Fever  -  The Best Of The Black President 2   (Kalkuta Sunrise/Knitting Factory)

Freshlyground  -  Nomthandazo  -  Take Me To The Dance   (Word Of Mouth)

Bajofondo  -  Sefundos Afuera  -  Presente   (Masterworks)

David Starfire  -  Electrify Me  -  Ascend   (Six Degrees)

Hot As Sun  -  Dime in the Pocket  -  Night Time Sound Desire   (Last Gang)

Dark Horses  -  Radio  -  Black Music   (Last Gang)

Senor Coconut & His Orchestra  -  Riders on the Storm  -  Fiesta Songs   (Emperor Norton)

Yo La Tengo  -  Ohm  -  Fade   (Matador)

Children Collide  -  Across the Earth  -  The Long Now   (Universal)

Shotgun Jimmie*  -  Standing in a Line  -  Everything Everything   (You’ve Changed)

mbp  -  Feel Nice  -  Art Crime   (Rectangle Records)

No No Zero  -  Screw   -  Rough Stuff   (Signed by Force)

Square Root of Margaret  -  Run for the Door  -  Endless Rotation   (Black Mountain Music)

Nerf Herder  -  New Jersey Girl  -  American Cheese   (Honest Don’s)

The Summer Lad  -  On a Witch’s Ride  -  Blue Skinned   (Acoutikitty)

We Are Wolves*  -  As the Moon Sets  -  La Mort Pop Club   (Dare To Care)

FirexFire*  -  Losing Control  -  Ashes   (Self-Released)

Grimskunk  -  Silverhead  -  Grim Skunk   (Cargo Records)

C’Mon  -  Too Bad for the Tin Man  -  Midnight is the Answer   (Maple Music)

Psychic Ills  -  I Get By  -  One Track Mind   (Sacred Bones)

Helmet  -  Monochrome  -  Monochrome   (Warcon)

Skunk Anansie  -  We Don’t Need Who You Think You Are  -  Post Orgasmic Chill   (Virgin)

And So I Watch You From Afar  -  Young Brave Minds  -  All Hail Bright Futures   (Sargent House)


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